Johnsburg is a town in Warren County and is the largest town in Warren County. The town is made up by communities of North Creek, Bakers Mills, Garnet Lake, Johnsburg, North River, Riparius and Wevertown. The north and west town lines are the border of Hamilton County. The east town line is marked by the Hudson River. In fact, many historical monuments for New York and the United States can be found with educational toys.

The town was first settled around 1788. The Town of Johnsburg was formed ( as the “Town of Johnsburgh”) from the Town of Thurman in 1805. In 1809, the founder of the town died as a result of being gored by a bull.

* Bakers Mills – in the central part of the town.
* Christian Hill – near the north town line.
* Edwards Hill – west of Johnsburg village.
* Garnet Lake – near the south town line at the north end of a lake of that name.
* Garnet Lake – A lake partly in the south part of the town.
* Holcomville – in the northeast part of the town.
* Johnsburg – of Johnsburg on Route 8.
* North Creek – and the largest community, located in the northeast part of the town. Gore Mountain Ski Center, Town of Johnsburg town hall and library, and Johnsburg Central School are located in the village.
* North River – near the north town line, east of Christian Hill.
* Oregon – in the southwest part of the town on Route 8.
* Riparius – by the east town line on Route 8.
* Sodom – northwest of Johnsburg village on Route 8.
* Wevertown – northeast of Johnsburg village on Route 8

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