Johnstown was incorporated as a village in 1808 and later chartered as a city in 1895. It was formed in 1793 as apart of Montgomery County, which encompassed a major portion of the upstate area. Johnstown was originally founded by William Johnson who later named the area after his son, John Johnson.

The Lowdown

Much like Amsterdam, Johnstown has no real music scene but there are a handful of artists in the 518 area that hail from the city of Johnstown. Johnstown has deep roots in history and has many areas of the city flooded with old style houses from yesteryear. It is a nice and quiet town that has a beautiful backdrop and a clear separation from the “hustle and bustle” of the city life. Old style and new style homes have been the setting for some amazing movies from the past.

Good To Know

During the American Revolution (1781), colonial forces consisting of militia and certain Oneida allies were victorious against a force of Tories and native allies. This resulted in all of the holdings of the Johnson family being forfeited due to their allegiance to Britain.

It had a hand in the leather and glove manufacturing industries at the same time, as it’s neighboring city, Gloversville. It was also apart of the region once known as Kingsborough.

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